Visibilitycs (PoC for the HRM Hackathon) will be a startup founded with a vision to help today's businesses transform the way they engage with their prospects and customers on their everyday social media. It helps them manage their social media marketing campaigns reach their target audience in the most effective manner.

With Visibilitycs, the companies will enjoy the right to decide on the following aspects of their campaigns:
1. Targeted reach (in terms of the number of views)
2. Targeted timeframe
3. Campaign Fund (Fee)
4. The right for release of the campaign fund only after the targeted reach is met
5. The right for refund of the campaign fee if the targeted reach is not met
However, the key advantage will be that, any kind of marketing campaign through Visibilitycs will look
most genuine and natural; thanks to the way messages will be delivered (through a group of Brand Ambassadors).

How It Works

Here is how Visibilitycs will work through its web portal:
For Startups/Brands:
1. Submit web link to the campaign where they want their target audience to reach (event, meeting, workshop, training, etc.) along with the details of the campaign and the company
2. Specify their targeted number of views for the campaign
3. Specify their targeted timeframe for the campaign
4. Set the Campaign Fund (fee) they are ready to pay for the campaign
Once a startup makes a payment, the money will be stored on the Ethreum distributed network.

1. View all marketing campaigns (submitted by various startups)
2. Select ones that are of interest to them (based on the company, campaign type, target views, campaign fund, etc.)
3. Get a unique URL for the selected campaign
4. Share the campaign link on their social media platform as a Brand Ambassador
5. Get paid according to the number of views they are able to bring in to the campaign once the target views are achieved within the stipulated timeframe
Once the targeted views are met within the stipulated timeframe, the campaign fund will be automatically shared by the platform with all the campaign ambassadors as per the views each person was able to generate. However, in case the targeted views were not met within the stipulated timeframe, the money will be automatically refunded to the company.